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Travel-What’s cookin’ in Lancaster County, PA


Lancaster County, PA is known as Amish country. There’s plenty to do here. Whether you want a romantic weekend for two or a family vacation,  Lancaster PA and it’s surrounding towns are beautiful and buzzing with activity.  But let me tell you,  I’m here for the food! I want to share with you all the amazing food that this rural oasis has to offer.  First,  you should know that home cooking,  family restaurants, and made from scratch desserts are the norm here.  Skip the chain restaurants all together-trust me. You don’t want to waste a single meal.

Alright! The must-eat list: Whoopie pie

Whoopie pies- this delicacy does Pennsylvania proud.  It’s a regional treat.  This is a dessert sandwich of sorts.  The traditional whoopie is chocolate.  Imagine two perfect pillowy round chocolate cakes,  each as big as your hand. Now, for the filling,  it’s a white fluffy almost marshmallow flavored icing mounded in very generous portions between the cake.  And It. Is. Heaven. Pace yourself because there is a red velvet variety and homemade peanut butter filling paired with chocolate. Oh my word! Trust me.  Buy all three.

Shoofly pie-it’s sweet in the best possible way.  The powdery top balances the gooey inside. Mmmm, so good with a cup of black coffee.

Slippery pot pie- no, not the pot pie that you see in the freezer section with the buttery crust.  This is a whole different ballgame. Homemade, hand-cut, flat noodles usually with shredded falling apart tender ham (but sometimes turkey or chicken). It’s simple,  delicious,  comfort food.

Filling- if you are offered “filling” as a side,  order it.  It’s like mashed potatoes and stuffing got together and had a baby- a beautiful perfect baby.

Sausage,  Lebanon bologna,  farm cheese-there are farmer’s markets,  “mud sales”, little mom and pop stores,  and even little signs at the end of a dirt lane throughout the county offering homemade sausages,  cheeses,  butter,  jerky,  etc.  Buy a variety and have a picnic of delicious farm fresh products.  You’re making memories.

Sourdough pretzels-they are homemade.  No further explanation needed,  am I right?

Now,  here are some places to eat:

Miller’s Smorgasbord 

Bird in Hand farmer’s market 

Plain and Fancy Farm

Sourdough pretzels

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