The Greater Cleveland Aquarium 

One stop on our weekend in Cleveland, OH was the Greater Cleveland Aquarium. This is a small but very nice aquarium. It has advantages of some of the larger aquariums we’ve visited but,  is compact and easy with small children. 

The GPS address we used was 2000 Sycamore St. Cleveland, OH 44113. Just when you think you are completely lost,  you are probably there.  We drove past the entrance three times when we finally realized we were actually in the right place.  It looks like you are heading for loading docks and there is a chain link fence and a little toll booth type building.  Go through this incognito entrance and you’ll see the aquarium sign ahead.
We enjoyed the touch tanks where you can pet rays, urchins,  and other critters. There is a “tube” or tunnel that you can walk through as sharks swim overhead. There is an area explaining watersheds and showcasing native fish.  My kids liked learning about the electric eel and I like jellyfish. My husband really was fascinated by the tortoise exhibit.  The staff were friendly and helpful. The highlight of our day was when a diver entered the shark tank for feeding time.  He was equipped with a microphone and, as we sat in front of the tank to watch the sharks swim around him,  a staff member relayed questions from the little audience that assembled in front of him. He listened to each question through a waterproof earpiece and gave thorough informative answers. It was super interesting. I learned quite a bit. It was a neat experience. 
This is not an all-day sprawling attraction. But,  it is a very nice way to spend an afternoon.  They even had an area to make a craft from recyclables to teach kids about protecting our waterways. 

For more info call 855 602 3040 or visit

Admission is $19.95 for adults,  $13.95 for kids over 2.

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