We travel I-95 a lot.  Recently, we were roadtripping in Maine and needed to find some breakfast. We took the Fairfield exit and found The Purple Cow. This is one of those quirky roadside stops that’s everything you hoped it would be. 

First,  it’s kind of funny.  There’s an ice cream shop,  a car wash, a laundry mat,  and a restaurant.  

Decor is…. well… colorful? Check out the stripes,  checks,  and purple ceilings. 

But,  the food is fantastic.  Portions are huge.  The prices are not.  And,  it’s old school diner food here – everything is homemade.  Pancakes are the size of a dinner plate. My husband chose some filled with wild Maine blueberries. There were homemade biscuits and muffins and fresh fruit ordered and I made the wonderful mistake of ordering hash. 

Where I’m from,  hash is shredded potato with little bits of corned beef and onions fried together. Well,  at The Purple Cow,  they do things differently.  Big slices of corned beef (made in house) are mixed with mashed potatoes and carrots. Then,  they are spread on the griddle to form a crisp golden brown crust.  I was expecting greesy spoon hash brown potatoes and got Sunday dinner at grandma’s. It was awesome.  

But,  it was too much.  The picture below shows what was leftover after we stuffed ourselves to the gills. 

We packed up all those delicious leftovers and got on the road again.  My husband christened The Purple Cow as “The best breakfast we had all week.”  It’s one of the best stops on I-95 too. Check it out.

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