On the Road Again, Just Can’t Wait to Get on the Road Again…

Global Pandemic-blah blah blaaaaaaaaaahhhhh. I know. We’re all tired of it. We’re all just done.

I’m an introvert. I’m awkward in social situations. So, I’m generally tolerant of all this. I can take the not going out for coffee- I’ve always made it at home. I was fine with no more shopping, I don’t like shopping anyway. School? We’re homeschoolers, so we didn’t have all the virtual school stress. Work? My husband is still employed, thank God. Honestly, being at home most days is our regular. We’re coping ok. But, the idea of not traveling anymore? Gut me like a fish. What do you mean I can’t travel? Ok, so no cruises. No airplanes either? What about hotels? But, we can still go to restaurants right? Right? RIGHT? I know this seems like a first-world problem, and it is. But, we aren’t exactly jetsetters that travel internationally and stay in luxurious all-inclusive resorts and sip champagne. We are more of the “Ooh! Let’s eat there, I have a coupon!” kind of travelers. Seriously, travel is such an important part of our family life. I don’t splurge on designer bags, I don’t pamper myself at the nail salon, my husband isn’t into expensive watches or pricey bottles of Scotch. Any extra money we have after bills and saving for college, goes toward our next road trip.

Having that next road trip is like oxygen for me. It’s generally my solution to most problems. Marriage is a little tough right now? We need a weekend away together. Work is killing you honey? You need a vacation. Long division has had you in tears all week little one? Let’s plan a field trip!

So, the idea of no more adventures? No more checking things off my bucket list? I can’t- I. Just. Can’t.

I have daydreams about living on the road full-time and traveling the country…seeing all the National parks and adventuring everyday. I wanna see ALL the places, the sights, the food, the unexpected surprises of our next stop.

So, what’s a girl to do? I bought an RV.

It’s a class C. So, that means it’s a motorhome. To me, it’s the perfect solution to the stay at home orders. Put wheels on the home and drive it somewhere! Listen, before you crucify me or call me a super spreader serial killer, know that we are being super cautious and taking care of our fellow man. We go to remote places and do things like hike, fish, eat s’mores, and mind our own business with masks and hand sanitizer at the ready. I promise, we aren’t feeding the Covid monster. We’re being responsible and making sensible choices.

But, we’re still going. And, honestly, it’s keeping me sane. Each month, we go on a short trip and that gets me through. I look at the pictures and we talk about the funny things we saw and did and I still feel like we’re ok. We watch the sunrise over the ocean. We get lost on hiking trails. We’re still living. You can’t put a price on that. I don’t wanna look back on this time and feel like that’s when my life went on pause. I wanna keep going. Keep exploring. Keep living each day to the fullest. It’s fueling me. And, it makes me feel like things are going to be ok again.

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