Free Entertainment in Las Vegas

Las Vegas has some exceptional shows and concerts. There’s magic, comedy, dancers, and musical legends. But, these shows come with a pretty hefty price tag. Is there anything to do in Vegas that doesn’t cost a fortune? Turns out, there’s a lot of free entertainment in Sin City.

First, head to Circus Circus. They have a great lineup of entertainers every day and it’s free. Head to the northern end of the Strip in the afternoon when acts start. Shows run every hour and the show consist of one act that lasts about 10-15 minutes. Come early. There is limited seating and it fills up fast. I’m not a fan of clowns. But, the trapeze troupes and contortionists we saw were really great. There’s a schedule posted next to the stage in the Midway area.

I enjoy walking around in the different resorts. There are art installations and fresh flowers everywhere. High-end shops have interesting window displays and it’s fun to people watch. Wynn Las Vegas is my favorite place to do this. It’s beautiful.

Look at the ceiling! The Wynn decorates with parasols and they are gorgeous. They also have a botanical garden that is amazing.

This is a YouTube video I made while in Vegas. The flower carousel is in the Wynn. It’s magical.
art ceiling decoration in museum
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The Venetian is absolutely beautiful as well. Again, look up! Those ceilings are stunning. I just love seeing the gondolas too.

Flamingo Hotel has beautiful grounds that house live Chilean flamingos. They also keep koi, pelicans, turtles, and waterfowl. It’s free to enter the habitat and they even offer keeper talks twice daily.

flock of flamingo
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Another impressive sight on the the Strip is the Bellagio Fountains. The fountain show is completely free and offered several times per day. Most people have seen fountain shows but, this one takes the cake. It is truly magnificent. Water rises from the 8.5 acre man-made lake up to 460 feet. According to Wikipedia, the show uses 1,214 water nozzles and 4,792 lights. Each show uses different music. So, you could go more than once during your visit and likely see a different show. It’s exciting and a lot of fun.

water fountain in front of a building
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There is a Volcano Show at Mirage hotel. A huge man-made volcano bubbles, roars, and erupts. “Lava” spews 54 feet in the air. Smoke and fire mix with fireballs that shoot more than twelve feet in the air. Tribal music blares as you feel the heat on your face. The volcano fires on the hour from 7pm-11pm right in front of Mirage. The rumor is that with the acquisition of the Mirage by Hard Rock, the volcano’s days are numbered. So, catch the show while you still can.

Las Vegas, USA – Sep 24, 2019: The free Mirage Fire show early in the evening on the strip/(Getty Images)

Stroll down to the Paris Las Vegas to see a 1/2 scale replica of the Eiffel Tower. It is especially pretty at night. There is a light show projected onto the tower every 30 minutes from sunset to midnight.

How many places can you see a pirate ship next to a giant frog? Treasure Island is the place!

New York New York is a fun place to sight-see as well.

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The inside and outside of the hotel are styled to resemble New York City. So, it’s fun to walk around on the property, especially at night.

Gilly’s Saloon at Treasure Island offers free line dancing classes Monday through Thursday from 7-8pm. I am usually a decent dancer and pick up on choreography pretty quickly. But, fair warning- these classes are for advanced dancers. Charlotte and I were excited to boot scoot and boogie here. But, we found the dances to be extremely complicated. Nevertheless, we had a good time trying. I always welcome an excuse to don my boots and western wear. There’s no cover charge. So, this is a great place to go and do something other than gambling. We were told that the kids had to leave the bar by 9pm because it’s not family friendly after that. We had a lot of fun here.

My next suggestion isn’t on the strip, but it’s only a couple miles away. It’s Gold and Silver Pawn, made famous by History Channel’s Pawn Stars. Though you probably won’t see Rick, Corey, or Chumlee, it is fun to see where the show was filmed. They have some really interesting artwork and collectables to browse. I enjoyed looking at the jewelry and the Andy Warhol paintings.

The art collection here seriously rivals some museums. There is also a lot of sports memorabilia to see, as well as coins, and fossils and minerals. On the way to the shop, you’ll pass the Little White Wedding Chapel and their drive thru “Tunnel of Love.” I got a big kick out of seeing this.

You’ll also pass through the “newer” Las Vegas sign on the Gateway Arch.

Probably something you didn’t expect to see on this list was a church. But, while we were in Vegas we attended mass at Guardian Angel Cathedral. It’s on the Strip! Even if you aren’t a church goer, the artwork in the Cathedral is impressive.

The murals and stained glass windows are inspiring and lovely. We aren’t Catholic but, we enjoyed the service and the staff was very kind and welcoming.

Overall, there is a lot to see and do in Vegas that doesn’t involve spending money. Here are a few more tips to save you some cash:

Know that there is free transportation between several hotels and casinos via monorails and trams. So, before you call an Uber, check to see if you can ride for free.

Many restaurants offer free entertainment to diners so, look into places where you can have a free show for the price of dinner.

Just in case you aren’t in the know, you can get free drinks at the casinos while gambling. So, wave to the meandering cocktail waitress and place your order. But, don’t forget to tip.

If you are going to gamble, sign up for a player’s card before you head to the tables and slots. This can be done at a guest services desk. Player’s cards usually offer discounts on dining and entertainment or free game play. Usually, there is a points system where the more you spend, the more discounts you qualify for. So, this is a good option if you were planning to gamble all day anyway in the same casino.

If you want bottled water, Tylenol, etc. Don’t go to the stores in the casinos. They will charge you a small fortune. There’s a CVS and a Walgreens on the strip. You can actually buy beer at the pharmacy and drink it on the street, in casinos, and even take it in to bars. The liquor laws here are very lenient.

Fashion Show Mall offers free parking.

So, there you have it! Have a great time in Las Vegas.

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