The Houseplant Which I Put

Kermit said it best-“It’s not that easy being green.” Most people have good intentions and don’t want to harm the environment. But, let’s be honest- most of us could do more. Sometimes being environmentally conscience seems like an awful lot of work. Paper plates and towels are easier than that extra load of dishes or laundry. So, what are some lazy ways to help mother earth? I got you!

Buy more fresh fruits and vegetables. This drastically reduces the amount of packaging you buy. While you’re at it, use your reusable grocery bag at the supermarket.

Closeup on blood orange fruit

Reduce your laundry. Did you only wear that top out for a couple hours? Put it back in the closet. Hang your towel up to dry and use it again tomorrow. Spot clean that blazer. Less laundry= less energy and water.

Buy a big bottle of castile soap and use it for everything. In our house, it’s the hand soap in our foaming dispenser, kitchen cleaner, floor cleaner, and produce wash. The label says you can even use it to wash dishes and laundry. I buy Dr. Bronner’s. It smells nice and it doesn’t have harsh ingredients or VOCs. You only need a tiny bit. Squirt a little in a spray bottle and dilute it with plain water. Then, use it for a great all-purpose cleaner that doesn’t make you feel like you can’t breath.

Free soap bubble close up

Use a menstrual cup. It’s clean, holds more than pads and tampons, and it lasts 10 years! So, you won’t need to buy pads or tampons again.

Buy pre-owned. Shop antique stores, garage sales, flea markets, or Facebook marketplace. Older furniture tends to be made much better.

This is my favorite piece of furniture I own. It came from an antique store in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

Goodwill is one of my favorite stores. I score all kinds of name brand clothing there. My favorite Goodwill stores are in Texas. They are HUGE and have lots of western wear. My mom is the queen of yard sales and thrift stores. She can find anything at a yard sale. It’s her warm weather hobby. It’s fun and inexpensive and good for the environment.

I love this funky jacket I got at a flea market in New Mexico. It’s handmade.

Most of my collection of Fiestaware dishes have been bought used. I love finding retired colors and styles. I love that they are all mismatched and colorful.

Let the grass grow. Let the grass get a little taller between trims. You’ll use less gasoline, reduce carbon emissions, make your grass more drought tolerant, and help wildlife. And don’t bother spraying those dandelions. Let them grow.

Dandelion background

Leave your exterior lights off. You’ll be protecting hunting grounds for nocturnal animals like bats.

Bar soaps are best. I like picking out locally made small batch soaps from shops or farmers markets. There’s usually little to no packaging, simple ingredients, and they weren’t shipped.

Assorted-color bar soap

Don’t buy cotton rounds, swabs, or balls. They aren’t necessary. Remove your makeup with a luxuriously soft makeup cloth.

Next time, pick up a toothbrush with a bamboo handle instead of plastic.

Swap tea bags for loose leaf tea. A friend of mine gifted me this to-go container with a built-in strainer for my tea and I LOVE it.

Replace dryer sheets with wool balls.

Donate unused items. When we finish a puzzle, it goes to the senior center. Read books go to the library. Clothes are donated. If something still has use, no need to throw it away.

Wait until the dishwasher or washing machine is full before running it. Use cold water cycles.

Laundry service, washing machine. View

Use the timer on your thermostat. There’s no use in keeping the heat or air conditioner blasting if no one is going to be home.

Go paperless for bills and receipts.

Decorate with indoor plants.

The Houseplant Which I Put

Use a pretty handkerchief instead of tissues.

Reuse gift bags and boxes. Get creative with gift wrap. Use the funny papers or that brown bag from the store to wrap your gifts. No reason to drive to the store for specialty paper.

Consider taking up an eco-friendly hobby. Flower or vegetable gardening, fishing, hunting, hiking, biking, birding, upcycling furniture, foraging, sewing, woodworking, stargazing, running, and beekeeping are all fulfilling activities that are environmentally friendly.

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